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Rotary,is an organization that brings together business and professional Rotarians who believe in the protection of goodwill and peace in the world and serve in this field. The purpose of Rotary is to promote, develop, and in particular, the ideal of service that is the foundation of all honorable initiatives;
-Considering the development of familiarity as a service opportunity,
-Recognizing being virtuous in business and profession as a value, and every Rotary member glorify their profession and work as an opportunity to serve the society,
- The application of each Rotarian's service ideal to the community life as well as to personal business
- To develop international mutual understanding, goodwill and the ideal of peace by establishing world-class friendly relations between various business and professional people united in the ideal of service. Rotary is a worldwide fellowship organization of business and professional people who come together to promote the practical application of the Rotary service ideal, both individually and collectively. Every Rotary Club chooses from all professions to ensure widespread representation of social life and to serve the purpose of Rotary. As the first step of lasting friendships, in order to improve familiarity, a certain minimum number of attendance at regular club meetings is a condition for the continuation of membership. Rotary Clubs provide the opportunity for Rotarians to set examples of high ethical standards in their private or business and professional life. The religious and political views of each Rotarian only concern him or her. Rotary strives hard for the education and development of the young generation while working on the road to service, and has established Interact and Rotaract Youth Clubs under its sponsorship.

exchange programs

It is one of Rotary’s most popular programs that build lifelong friendships and develop international understanding. This program was first started by Nice Rotary Club of France in 1927.


The Rotary Foundation and its clubs invest in future leaders and youth by providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. Each year, an average of $ 7.5 million scholarships are awarded by Rotary. Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate or graduate education.


Rotary Yarının Liderlerini Arıyor (RYLA) Rotary kulüpleri ve bölgeler tarafından organize edilen, hem eğlenip, hem bağlantılar kurarken liderlik becerilerinizi geliştirebileceğiniz yoğun bir liderlik eğitimi ve deneyimidir.

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